Sunday, March 15, 2009

Plus One to Baking Skill

This morning I awoke in a strange mood. I was in the mood to cook.

Ten days ago a friend had given me the starter for some Amish friendship bread and after a week of mushing the bag, today was the day that I was supposed to bake the bread. A quick look in the cupboard revealed that I needed to take a trip to the grocery store (How old is this baking powder? Maybe I should pick up a new can.) I also decided that since I was picking up eggs anyway, I might as well use them up and cook a big breakfast.

When I returned home, I discovered that one of my friends had called and invited me to breakfast. It was tempting, but I had just formed my grand plan for the day and was going to stick to it. I told her that she was welcome to come over for breakfast and hang out while I did some baking. She was a little dubious, considering the level of my baking skills, but showed up anyway.

After breakfast, I got the bread in the oven. After that I had the strange urge to bake some cookies. I had one lonely little egg left and found a good cookie recipe that would allow me to use it up. I ended up making peanut butter oatmeal cookies. I think that they're tasty, but the roommate is more indifferent; he doesn't really care for oatmeal cookies in general.

When all was done, I realized that I had spent most of the day cooking. Everything came out good. I feel a bit better about my baking skills than I did before, but I still feel like I need some practice. I was just happy that I managed to make cookies that didn't completely suck.


Anonymous said...

Did the friendship bread bring on any surprise gas attacks?

Quartermaster said...

No. I am happy to report that this one was gas free.