Friday, March 06, 2009

The Operation Was a Success

I'm feeling brave. I fix medical equipment for a living, so replacing some computer compentents should be a cinch, right? At least, that's the theory that I'm working on. I have never really worked on a computer before, with the exception of upgrading a sound card. My fear is that I'll fry out my new system. But electronics are electronics, and I swap boards all the time at work, so onward I go.

I have successfully replaced the stock power supply with the 650W model that I purchased. I'll need the power later when I install the video card. Ofcourse, 650W is overkill for what I'm going to be running, but it was on sale and ended up costing less than the 550W model that I was looking at. Now I have enough power left over to power a USB waffle iron or something.

Replacing the power supply wasn't too bad, really. The hardest part was taming the massive amount of cables that I didn't use. All systems seem to be functioning normally. Now let's tackle the video card.

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