Tuesday, March 03, 2009

In Retrospect

I wrote earlier about my text book finally being published. That makes me incredibly happy. In looking through the final product, there are two things that I'm a little disappointed in.

First, and I'm fully aware that this is an ego thing, is that my name appears last in the list of authors. The other two authors are the director of my company, who wrote the introduction and the chapter on electrical safety, and the assistant director. I undersatnd that Fluke published the book with our names listed alphabetically, but I was the primary author of this thing, and I was the one who went without sleep in order to make the writing deadlines. I just wish that when the book gets referenced, the author would be listed as Quartermaster, et al instead of Director, et al.

The second issue is purely vanity. I needed to have my picture taken for my bio in the about the author section. The assistant director was going to snap a quick picture and send it off to the publisher. On the day that I was supposed to have my picture taken, I dressed up a little. I wore a suit, did my hair, and wore a little make up (it's rare, but it happens every now and again). Something came up and the picture didn't get taken that day. We then get busy and kind of forget about it, until one day Fluke asks about my picture. The assistant director takes a picture and that's taken care of. I'm not dressed as nice (not a big deal, it's a head shot anyway), my hair's kind of messy, and I'm not wearing makeup. So basically, it's a picture of me in my normal state. And I guess I'm bitching about not looking better than my normal state.

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Artists Mediums said...

I would be irked too if my name was last after all that incredible work you did ...for nearly a half a year!