Monday, October 31, 2005

World, Quartermaster. Quartermaster, World

So, this here's my very first blog post. My friend Yomper has suggested I start my own blog (usually after I've been ranting to him for a few minutes). I've finally gotten my pirate arse in gear and actually put one up. So, now what?

I gues I should start with what I'm the quartermaster of. Most people (both of you) who read this know of my involvement with a crazy pirate crew. The Harlequin Specter is a small group of theatrically minded people who cruise the renaissance faire circuit in northern New England. I serve as quartermaster on our theoretical pirate ship (although technically we're privateers). Basically, I take care of all the details that make the faire season happen. The Captain comes up with the plan, I make it happen.

So, what to expect in this blog? Like most blogs, just about anything that happens to flutter through my wee pirate brain. You'll see updates on projects I'm working on from costumes to the infamous bus project (more on that later), thoughts on various events and faires, rants, and much, much more. (Insert evil laugh here)