Monday, March 30, 2009

Target Audience?

I recently got an account with eHarmony. Please don't laugh. So far it's not too bad. Internet dating sites are kind of weird anyway. There is one very disturbing part, and that is the advertising that pops up every time I log off. eHarmony apparently thinks that I'm fat and wrinkly. I see a lot of weight loss product and wrinkle cream ads. I wonder what the target audience is. Women who feel insecure because they're single? It's silly and a blow to the ego all at the same time. They occasionally throw in an ad for some self-help website that has articles titled 'How to catch and keep a guy'. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I don't really want to 'catch' a guy; I'd prefer it if he came willingly. I wonder if the guys are subjected to similar advertisements.


Yomper said...

Why does everyone always assume fat people are wrinkly? Speaking as a fat person, I myself am only wrinkly when you push parts of me together in a way they don't normally go. Or if you leave me in a laundry basket for, like, a week.

I'm not on any internet dating sites, but the male-specific advertising I see mostly tells me that my natural penis size is completely incapable of satisfying a woman, and can be clearly detected as ineffectual through clothing. Even if size were adequate, I would not be capable of maintaining a meaningful erection without discrete medical intervention. It also wants to convince me that women will find me more attractive if I smell vaguely athletic, but in a "Pass the talcum powder, Troy" sense rather than "Dude, smell my jock!"

And everybody is tired. Have you noticed that? Everyone needs some kind of energy beverage, from the concentrated micro-shot to the 24 oz. triple-walled can to caffeinated fucking WATER. Nobody needs a little more sleep at night, just taurine, ginseng, and all the B12-complex you can pummel your kidneys with. Apparently people don't need kidneys least not yet. See you in dialysis, energy lovers!

BlueMule said...

On Facebook, I'm always getting dating ads, even though I've declared myself married. Apparently, guys my age are all looking for someone new.

It strikes me that most ads are specifically aiming at common insecurities. Good thing my insecurities are all uncommon!