Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back On Line

After a trip to Best Buy, the roommate set up a small wireless network in our apartment, so now I can connect to my computer upstairs. Yay! Now I won't have to leave you all on the edge of your seats wondering what shenannigans will happen next, depriving the world of my witty commentary. Yeah... Anyway, I'm back on line now. It's good to have a computer guy for a roommate.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My New Digs

Well, moving day has come and gone. Now I am left with just a bit of cleaning left to do in the old apartment and a pile of boxes in the other. Other than the usual annoying unpleasantness that is moving (you never truely know how much stuff you have until you try to put it in a box), I have to say this has been by far my easiest move yet. First, I only moved about 50 feet to another apartment in the same complex, so there was no truck involved. The weather cooperated and was absolutely perfect - sunny but not overly warm. I also had a great bunch of people come up and help me move heavy objects down two flights of stairs and up another two flights. Marge and Scott, Yomper, Travis, Kevin, and of course the new roommate Brian - you guys rock. Thanks for moving heavy objects with me. A special thanks to Wendy and the Captain who showed up with a vehicle to take the couch away. And many, many thanks to Jenny, my now sister-in-law, for helping me clean the old place.

More later when I get settled in.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cool Shoes

The preperations for my brother's upcoming wedding is eating up a lot of my time, and so I'll blog about it. And you have to read it. So there.

The wedding is mostly under control. It always amazes me the amount of planning and prep that goes into even a relatively small wedding. Small is a relative term; she's related to the entire town of Danville and probably most of Caledonia county. The ceremony is Saturday and the clock is quickl running down. At this point if anything has been forgotten, it's going to have to remain forgotten (with the exception of my panyhose. I'll pick up a pair on my way out tomorrow).

The bride's maids (myself included) decided that we didn't want to buy shoesdyed to match the dresses that we could never wear again. I looked around online and I found a pair of uber cool clear lucite shoes with hollow heels. The bottom of the chunky heel unscrews and you can fill it with whatever. The idea to fill them with something unique or something to match the outfit, though I suppose in a pinch you could shove your carkeys in there if you didn't have any pockets. I'm a very big geek so I filled mine with tiny blue dice, to match my dress. Oooh, I feel girly and geeky all at the same time. For those of you keeping count, there are a total of 288 5mm dice in the shoes (144 in each shoe) that I bought in various places around ebay as the local game shop didn't really understand the concept of what I was trying to do. I didn't get more complicated than basic 6 siders. Maybe I can try to get the happy couple to role for initative before they walk down the aisle.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Well This Is Just Depressing

So, in an attempt to overcome my hermit like existance, and after being inundated by their ads on tv, I decided to sign up for eharmony. I spent quite a while filling out the gazillion pages of personality questions. They don't kid around when they tell you that they're detailed. Unfortuantely, after all was said and done, I came up with no matches. Not a single one! God, that is just depressing.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Strange Bruises

Do you ever find bruises you don't remember getting. Maybe it's just me, but I do all the time. I'm a bit of a clutz and I have really pale skin, so if I accidentally whack my arm or something, I'm going to goet a bruise. Usually it's no big deal. This morning while washing up, I noticed I have a sore spot and a small bruise right above my right eye. You would think I would remember whacking my head on something. Again, whacking my noggin is not an uncommon event in my life (I have an amazing ability to protect my body from harm by blocking with my face), but I tend to know when this happens. Weird, huh?