Monday, March 09, 2009

The Change We Voted For

After just over a month in the White House, and with conseratives and liberals alike fretting about Obama not delivering on his campaign promises, Obama is quietly ushering in some much needed policy changes. In a move that made many doctors, researchers, and science minded people very happy, President Obama has lifted the ban on funding for stem cell research.

"Barack Obama, US president, on Monday made another decisive break from the Bush years by overturning a ban on federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research and promising to remove all ideology from scientific studies.

In a landmark policy change that angered anti-abortion groups, Mr Obama signed an order to permit public money to be used for research that scientists hope will produce cures for a range of serious conditions such as Parkinson’s."

I like science. I think we should fund research that has such potential for doing so much good. I also think that it was complete and utter bull sh*t when then President Bush did a press conference surrounded by adorable children that had been born with the help of embryo implantation. It gave a scewed view of where stem cells come from. Yes, stem cells come from human embryos, but the embryos used are often 'left overs' from fertility clinics slated for destruction. It made sense to use these, but, instead, we got a wedge issue, painting an image of embryo farms and scientists murdering children. I am so glad that the ban has been lifted.

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