Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Decision To Double Post

Well. I said I wasn't going to do this, but here I am. I've finally decided to double post over at my MySpace page. I had this blog before I had my MySpace account and didn't really feel the need to run two blogs, mainly because I barely keep up with this one. It seemed silly to me at the time to double post, and I admit that it still seems kind of silly. I have enough friends that read MySpace but don't read the blog here, partly because I update so infrequently, and partly because this site isn't as popular. An interesting aside, my sister is the person who convinced me to get a MySpace account so we could keep in touch more easily. We never did use it to communicate with each other. I'll continue to post here and this blog will probably have more content than the MySpace blog as I don't think I can put pictures or video up on the MySpace blog.


BlueMule said...

I too, have a MySpace account. Lots of relatives conned me into going that root.

Frankly - I hate it. Most folks sites are ugly as hell and often hard to read. Plus, I keep getting asked to be a "friend" by obvious porn related businesses.

But, I'll continue to stick with the crappy networking site just because.



BlueMule said...

"ROUTE" I meant ROUTE!

Oy. I spell like a monkey.