Saturday, September 09, 2006

Words That Sound Dirty

I've officially decided to get rid of the Friday Fiver. The questions were never really that good and I'm pretty sure I can dredge up something from deep within the bowels of my mind to write about. Spending a lot of time driving this week gave me time to think. Did I clear my head? No. Did I come up with a life plan? No. Something to better mankind? No. I was thinking about hte English language and words that sound kind of dirty but really aren't. Here's some of my favorites. Feel free to add yours. I've given only the actual definitions. You'll have to use your twisted little mind to come up with the 'dirty' meanings.

  • booby prize - A mock award given in good humor for a poor showing
  • convolvulaceous - A botanical term for a member of the morning-glory family
  • fagaceous - Of or about a large tree family or shrubs with basic leaves, flowers and nuts
  • saucebox - A saucy or impudent person.
  • saltpeter - sodium nitrate
  • cockchafer - A scarabaeoid beetle
  • snatch block - A nautical term for a block that can be opened on one side to receive the looped part of a rope.
  • touchhole - The opening on a cannon where the powder was lit
  • succumb - To yield or give way.
  • muffineer - A covered dish for keeping muffins hot
  • fiddlestick -Literally, a fiddle bow; slangly, an absurd thing
  • crotchety - Whimsical, eccentric, grumpy
  • screwjack - A hoisting jack operated with a screw
  • titivate - To add decorate touches or dress up
  • kumquat - The smallest of the citrus fruits
  • shuttlecock - The cone-shaped thing used in badminton. Also called a birdie
  • declivitous - Sloping down; slightly steep
  • joystick - The stick-like control of an airplane or video game
  • blowhard - A braggart
  • double-tongue - A musical term referring to rapid movement of the tongue as used when playing a staccato passage on the flute or cornet.
  • probang - A long, slender, flexible rod having a tuft or sponge at the end, used to remove foreign bodies from or apply medication to the larynx or esophagus
  • uvula - A small, conical, fleshy mass of tissue suspended from the center of the soft palate (the hangy-down thing at the back of your throat)

And everyone's favorite...
  • bunghole - The hole in a cask, keg, or barrel through which liquid is poured in or drained out


BlueMule said...

I think, perhaps, you have to drive too much. It gives you much, too much time for deep thought.


Quartermaster said...

Perhaps, but I know you won't be able to resist the temptation to think of words that sound kind of dirty. Come on, it's fun! I've left off quite a few, like one of my favorites, titmouse, which is, ironically, neither a tit nor a mouse.

BlueMule said...

Actually, I found myself annoyed that I couldn't come up with one!


Anonymous said...

My favorite for a long time has been titilating. I find thinking of words that sound dirty very titilating. Keep up the raunchy work!