Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody! I would say happy spring, but it snowed here yesterday. Luckily it didn't stick. Today is sunny but deceptively cool. I keep the faith that there will be warm weather eventually.

So, on to Easter weekend. Purple Girl had her 40th birthday bash on Saturday. She went all out, rented a hall (the local VFW) and hired a dj and everything. It was pretty snazzy. The roommate and I helped set up and made a lot of little sandwiches. A lot of people brought a dish to share; as it turned out, there was enough yummy food to feed a small army.

The birthday party was brought to you by the letter S. According to the invite, you were supposed to dress in a style that started with the letter S. It was a pretty broad category and people had fun with it. There was a scarecrow, a pair of Siamese twins, a sinner and a saint, a couple of people in stripes, and even Santa Claus. The roommate was a sharp dressed man, wearing his suit. I was had a harder time coming up with an idea (Satin shirt? Slacks? Shoes?). I ended up pulling the cool mandarin style dress that I never have an excuse to wear out of the closet. My theme was Shanghai. I think there were pictures taken and I'll post when I find them.

Sunday was Easter. I used it as a good excuse to make a big meal and use the fancy dishes. The roommate and I hosted Purple Girl, her roommate, and another friend. I was proud of my meal. I made the requisite Easter ham, glazed with pineapple and orange juice (and no, it was neither pressed, nor were there any moons over my hammy). I was going to get a ham from a local farm, since I'm trying to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and support local farms. There were none available, so I went with the supermarket variety. It was still tasty. The meal was rounded out with mashed potatoes, asparagus, and green beans. I also made carrot soup as an appetizer (it's good, trust me). And we had left over birthday cake for dessert. Overall, the little dinner party went smoothly.

I've decided I like an excuse to cook a feast. We even got to use the new fancy plates that the roommate bought. We had napkin rings and everything. I felt very sophisticated. I must be turning domestic in my old age.

After everyone had left, and the kitchen was cleaned up (thanks for helping with the dishes, Purple Girl!) I sat on the couch and enjoyed the silence. It was nice. I like my friends (obviously) and I'm glad they came over. It was really nice to have silence after the happy chaos that comes from having a house full of people.

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