Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Changing Taste

It's funny how tastes change over time. I haven't been eating out as much, for a variety of reasons, including wanting to eat a healthier diet and to improve my cooking skills. Since I've really gotten good (I think I'll pat my own back a little bit more) I've discovered that eating out isn't as exciting. Today, however, I just couldn't stand another day of leftovers from Easter dinner. I was going to make a ham sandwich for lunch this morning and I just couldn't. I grabbed a sandwich at the local deli instead. While I was there, I decided that the small bag of Cheetos sounded really good. I used to love Cheetos, in all their day-glo orange goodness. The first couple of bites were really good. And then...well, it just wasn't as good as I had remembered. Now I think they're way too salty and left me with a weird coated mouth feeling. Hmmm....must be too many vegetables in my diet, screwing up my taste for processed food.

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