Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alphabet Soup

I've started hanging out with a group of friends on Thursdays for ladies' night. We basically either cook something or go out to dinner and then talk/play a game/generally hang out for the evening. Last week we decided that it would be fun to try to go through the alphabet and cook a food for each letter. With each lady assigned a letter, it should take us a month or so to get through the entire alphabet. We're also going through the alphabet backwards, just to keep things interesting.

This week we're doing Z-T. I have the letter X. This will be a challenge. My first thought was to just pick up some Dos Eqis. This still remains my fallback plan if things go horribly, horribly wrong.

After a little research, I've come up with two options. Option 1: Xuxu, more commonly known as chayote or merliton. It's a South American squash. Option 2: Xigua, a Chinese watermelon. And yes, I understand that neither if these is an English word. I'm working with the letter X, cut me some slack!

I'm planning on going with option 1, assuming I can find chayote (or xuxu, in keeping with the X theme) around here. From what I've read, chayote can be substituted in any recipe requiring squash. I think I'll do some sort of chayote au gratin. Stay tuned for how this turns out.

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Anonymous said...

mmmm and it was gooood!:)