Friday, February 10, 2006

Fun Things to Do in a Hotel Room

I've been doing some contract work for a hospital this past week in upstate New York. Usually when I do this kind of thing, I work insanely long hours to get the job done and me home as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this time I needed to space my hours out so I was on-site Monday through Friday. This has caused me to find new and exciting things to occupy my time at night in the hotel room. If you actually try any of these be sure to tip the housekeepers heavily for cleaning up after your dumb ass.

  • Find and stash as much free soap, toilettries, and stationary as your suitcase will hold
  • Carve Celtic runes into the soap and place them in precise patterns around the room
  • Take all the sheets and blankets off the beds and build little forts in the room
  • Find the sewing kit. Sew a button on the light shade
  • Towel oragami
  • Set up a mini golf course. Use trash cans, the ice bucket, and soda bottles for holes. You can always swipe some olives from the mini bar to use as the ball
  • If you're staying multiple nights, alternate the bed you sleep in. Put the pillows at the foot of the bed. This really won't kill any time, but it will mess with the housekeeper's head
  • Take the ironing board to the nearest stairwell. Surf's up!

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