Sunday, February 05, 2006

Friggin' Friday Fiver

OK. The questions off this weeks Friday Fiver aren't as lame as last week, but they're not much better either.

1. Any plans to watch the Super Bowl?
No, not really. It may be on in the background at some point in time this evening.
2. Friday or Saturday: Which is a better date night?
It depends on if I have to work late on Friday, in which case I'll be in a bad mood when I get home.
3. Do you do anything special on the weekends that you don't do during the week?
Generally this is when I do really exciting things like laundry and cleaning the bathroom.
4. Where do you get your news from?; NPR, since I spend a lot of time behind the wheel; occassionally the Burlington Free Press, usually read while doing laundry, see above; various sites out there in blogland
5. Kevin, Norm, Colin, Jimmy, Tina or Amy?
I didn't get the reference. I tend to agree with Yomper, who makes the point that this is probably a Saturday Nighlt Live reference based on the title 'Weekend Update'.

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