Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why make things hard for yourself?

An aquaintance of mine recently had her car stereo stolen. While it was a bummer that the thief got away with a hundred dollar Wal-Mart stereo, the truely obnoxious part was the fact that the window was broken in order to get the stereo out. OK, first off, the said stereo was stolen out of a 1989 Nissan. Stereo thieves, stop and think a little bit. Why steal stuff out of an '89 Nissan? You know the driver doesn't have any money. Pick a nicer car that might possibly have something of value. I recommend trying a Subaru WRX or any car with a 3 foot high spoiler. They have the good stereos. And now on to the second point. Don't make things harder for yourself. The Nissan in question is always left unlocked, since if you actually lock the doors you're never getting them open again. Stereo thieves, try the doors first before you start breaking windows.

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