Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bowling Night

Wednesday is bowling night. Yep. I just said said that. People tend to look at me strangely when I tell them that I bowl on a league. I guess it's one of those things younger females aren't supposed to do. It really is more fun then one would think.

I first started bowling as one of 2 required PE credits in college. I figured since I was taking scuba diving and only getting 1 credit, I'd take something else that wasn't really exercise. So every Tuesday afternoon for an entire semester, my roommate and I would head to the local bowling alley for our class. I was actaully quite good by the time we finished. A couple of years ago I joined a league out of shear lonliness. I was hoping to meet some people my own age, or at least who I shared some interests in. Unfortunately I was put on a team with a really creepy older guy who kept trying to entice me over to his apartment to 'watch some bowling films'. I'm not positive what his intentions were, but either way I wasn't interested.

I started bowling again recently with a few of my friends. We have a great time, share some laughs, have a few drinks, and throw heavy objects around. Tonight I bowled a 317 series. For you non bowlers out there, that's your total for 3 games, out of a possible 900 points. Now I never said I was good now, I just said I enjoyed bowling. I only have a 115 average now. I've also recently gone from an 11 pound ball to a 12, and then to a 13. I'm still having trouble controlling the 13. Tonight was one of those nights where the bowling gods did not smile upon me. Perhaps they need a sacrifice.

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Yomper said...

Hmmm...'bowling films', huh? I've *known* fellers like that. Lucky you got away from that situation before he showed you his follow-through.

I get nervous when you start talking about ritual sacrifices in an area where the primary objects are balls and pins. Nothing good can come of this.