Friday, December 12, 2008

The Annual Christmas Crafting Conundrum

Every year I get it into my head that it would be really nice and special if I gave everybody homemade gifts. And then every year I procrastrinate about starting said gifts. And then every year the realities of the amount of spare time available during the Christmas season catches up with me. And then every year I vow to either, A) start these projects a whole lot earlier, or B) not try to do so many homemade gifts.

And then, of course, me being an intelligent creature, I promptly forget that yearly vow and do the same thing over and over again every year.

Don't get me wrong. Every gift I make for someone is a labor of love. Plus, I just really enjoy sewing. I'm slightly (OK, more than slightly) neurotic and stress about every imperfection that I wouldn't care about if I was making it for myself. I'm getting better at that.

The trouble is, there are only so many things that I make for gifts and I have to keep track as to who I gave what in previous years. This person's already got mittens? OK, then, it's a blanket for you!

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