Monday, September 15, 2008

Shower Games

Get your mind out of the gutter. I'm planning a baby shower for my sister-in-law and people are expecting games. I'm on a quest to find baby shower games that don't completely suck.

My baby shower experiences are pretty limited. The last one I went to, we basically sat around, ate some food, talked, and oohed over the gifts. That seemed pretty good to me.

I did what anyone would do when stuck for lack of ideas - I turned to Google. I was dismayed at the results. These are some of the highlights of what I've found, which I will not be incorprating into the shower. No. Not ever.

  • Guess how big around her belly is game. The idea is that everyone guts a piece of ribbon the length they think will go around the mom-to-be's pregnant belly. We then take turns wrapping our ribbons around her. Whoever gets closest, wins a prize. Publicly guessing a woman's waist size is not a good idea in the best of circumstances. Mom-to-be will be 8 months pregnant at the time of the shower. If anyone tries this sh*t, someone's getting stabbed in the eye with a plastic fork.

  • Guess the flavor of baby food game. A variety of baby foods have had their labels peeled off. Guests are expected to guess the flavor of baby food. Whoever guesses the most correct flavors wins a prize, perhaps a bottle of antacids. Have you ever tasted commercial baby food? It's absolutely nasty stuff. No wonder babies spit up so much. And as a side note, mom-to-be is taking a class on how to make your own baby food, so she won't have to feed her kid that crap.

  • Feed the baby game. Guests put on rain ponchos or trashbags with holes cut out for head and arms, 'cause this is getting messy. We then take turns feeding each other a bowl of pudding with a baby spoon. While I am a fan of eating large bowls of pudding, I don't get why we need the ponchos. Is it so difficult to get a tiny spoon into the mouth of an adult? If that's the case, the new parents don't stand a chance at all.

  • Guess the poop in the diaper. I have to admit, I find this one hilarious and if I thought the crowd of elderly aunts would be equally amused, I would totally put this one on the itinerary. You get a bunch of diffent types of candy bars, some with peanuts, some with coconut, etc. Put each candy bar into a diaper and then microwave until the candy bar melts. Guests have to guess what kind of candy bar it is. They are allowed to touch, smell, and even tast the "poop". The idea is ha ha, we're eating poop. Remember that scene in the pool in Caddy Shack? You get the point.

  • Baby bottle beer drinking contest. This also sounds vaguely fun in a keg stand kind of way. I have it on good authority that it is actually quite difficult to drink beer from a baby bottle. No one is going to be able to guzzle anything. However, I don't think mom-to-be will be impressed with drinking games that she can't participate in. Also, I don't think the elderly aunts would find this as amusing as I do.

So, my quest continues. Does anyone know of any baby shower games/activities that don't completely suck?

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