Monday, May 04, 2009

Sign of the Times

This morning, instead of warning about construction on Route 7, a local highway sign warned commuters of the coming zombie invasion. Colchester police are investigating.

Apparently, the sign cycled through 3 different message - "Eff Swine Flu", "Zombie Invasion!!!!!", and "Turn Back !!!!!"

Personally, I think it's freaking hilarious, although I'll have to take away some style points for excessive use of exclamation marks. I need to find someone who commutes that way to get their take.


BlueMule said...

Yeah, this happened down in Randolph last year, too. Nothing like putting a hackable device within 500 yards of a technical college.

Quartermaster said...

The truely amusing part is that the Colchester police were unable to turn the sign off because of the password protection.