Friday, February 27, 2009

Putting My Tax Refund to Good Use

Now that the car is taken care of, I can do something completely impractical and fun with my tax refund. I decided to buy a new computer, to replace my 6 year old system.

The roommate helped me pick out a nicely priced machine from HP. On that advise of Yomper, I'm upgrading the video card and the power supply. It kind of defeats the purpose of buying a pre-built system, but it should be a pretty sweet system when it's all together. I just received the new monitor from Newegg. Holy quick shipping Batman! The rest of the computer should be here Wednesday or Thursday next week. So right now, I have a ginormous LCD monitor hooked up to my old system. All things considered, it looks really good. And it even fits on desk.


Yomper said...

I love NewEgg. A year or so ago they opened a warehouse/shipping center in New Jersey, and anything that ships from that location usually gets here in 2 days via surface shipping. Gotta love it.

Let me know when the system and all the extra parts arrive. It'll be fun to get everything installed and take this baby off some sweet jumps!

Quartermaster said...

Yeah. The rest of the NewEgg order should be here on Tuesday and the computer itself should arrive the next day. I think I'm going to be inpatient and attempt to intall the stuff myself. The power supply should be no problem. The video card I'm not to sure about. But hey, I replace parts in medical equipment all the time. Upgrading a video card should be no problem, right? Right?