Sunday, July 06, 2008

Back to School

I'm currently taking a summer university class. Summer classes sound good in theory, but really only exist to drive you completely insane and make you long for those peaceful days when you were putting the finishishing touches on your senior thesis. Basically UVM takes a semester long class and crams in into 6 weeks. It's a lot of fun.

I am taking Advanced Medical Instrumentation, at the request of my boss, who is teaching the class. I was not technically forced to take the class, but the question was phrased in a way as to suggest that declining would not be the best thing for my career.

Unfortunately, I was also asked to sign up for the class last Monday, the day the class actually started. Normally this wouldn't have been much of a problem, but the class is completely online and I needed to go through UVM's online registration system. After several phone calls to the registrar's office, information technology, and finally Black Board (the company that hosts the online courses), I was finally able to log on to the course content late on Wednesday afternoon.

Keep in mind that this is a concentrated 6 week summer course. I just missed 3 whole days. And so I have spent this beautiful 3 day weekend here in my room, desperately trying to get myself caught up on the ridiculous amount of reading I had to do. And the 3 new articles that have been assigned.

I am happy to report that as of 10pm Sunday evening, I am officially caught up on my course work. Whoo hoo. Let's see if I retain any of that information for tomorrow's quiz.

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