Monday, June 09, 2008

Flight of the Air Conditioner

My air conditioner suffered an unfortunate accident last night.

The weather has been hot and sticky lately. With highs in the 90's throughout the weekend my 2nd/3rd floor apartment has become quite warm. Saturday evening I gave in to the heat and went to see a movie, if only to sit in air conditioning for a couple of hours.

Last night the temperature outside was still 83 after the sun had been down for an hour or so. After spending the day with family, I arrived home and the heat insdie the apartment nearly bowled me over. It most have been over 100 degrees in the apartment. And upstairs was worse.

My window fan just wasn't going to cut it and I decided it was now time to install the air conditioner in the bedroom. I have the kind of windows that flip in so you can clean the outside. I flipped the window in to make it easier to take the screen out. I must not have latched it all the way when I pushed it back up.

I put the air conditioner in the window and everything looked hunky dory so I started adjusting the plastic fins. And then the window popped in. My immediate reaction was to catch the falling window, which in retrospect was a really bad idea because now I didn't have a hold on the air conditioner. Liberated from the window, the air conditioner crashed 3 stories to the ground. Luckily it didn't fall on anything or anyone.

I thought that kind of thing only happened on TV.

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