Sunday, July 01, 2007


Myself and a couple of friends have decided to steal an idea from my brother and start the PMGA, the Pro Mini-Golf Association. This is its first of hopefully many annual seasons. The PMGA is not as serious as it sounds. The general idea is for us to play at various mini-golf places around the area. The only difference is that now we're keeping track of the scores.

There have been two offical PMGA dates so far this year. The first was at Lang Farm in Essex. Yesterday we traveled to Danville to play Sugar Ridge, a very nice and well maintained 18 hole course. It could have used a few more obstacles on the courses though. Sugar Ridge was a last minute substitute for Lots Of Balls in Duxbury, which is unfortunately closed for the season due to construction on route 100.

So far Trav has come out ahead in both PMGA opens. Go Trav!


BlueMule said...

You need to try St. Divots in Duxbury. It's not really mini-golf and not really golf.

It's what happens when Vermonters decide that golf isn't sadistic enough.


Anonymous said...

"Lots of Balls?"