Friday, April 13, 2007

Tax Time

Ahhh, tax time. That special time of year when everyone is stressed out. For those of you waiting until the absolute last minute to file, we get a couple of extra days this year since the 15th falls on a Sunday. I did mine way back in February (thank you, free e-file!) and since then have helped several people file theirs, including my mom, my brother, and a few friends. One of the oddest questions on the federal form is that space where the IRS asks for your occupation. It has absolutely no bearing on your tax status, so what gives? I can only assume it's for demographic purposes, but with the space left blank as a fill-in, I can only imagine some of the smart-ass answer they might get.

So, my mind being what it is, I thought of a few things that would be funny to enter in that occupation space, if only to get a song stuck in the head of some accountant at the IRS who reviews your return. Again, feel free to add your own
  • Smooth Operator (probably a better choice than Smooth Criminal)
  • Paperback Writer
  • Tourism Director of Funkytown
  • Advocate For the Right to Party
  • Yellow Submariner
  • Boy of Summer
  • Business Caretaker
  • Tambourine Man
  • Space Cowboy
  • Gangster of Love (those two would work best if your name is actually Maurice)
  • Banjo Dueler
  • Dancing Queen
  • Renegade of Funk
  • Master of Puppets


BlueMule said...

The Devil. (Did I ever tell you about the time I went down to Georgia?)

Jukebox Hero

Ice Cream Man (Stop me when I'm passing by)

Honky Tonk Woman

Door Knocker (as in knockin' on heavens door)

And last, but not least

Sultan of Swing.

BlueMule said...

I can't help myself...

Voodoo Chile

Axe Grinder

Pile Driver (Momma says, I never, never, mind her)

Prince of the Universe