Saturday, October 03, 2009

Manos: The Hands of Fate

There is going to be a geek-tastic Halloween this year. After watching the MST3K episode featuring "Manos" The Hands of Fate (The gratuitous quotation marks are in the title. Seriously.), BlueMule commissioned me to create for him his very own Manos robe.
Here's the inspiration picture.

And here's my version, done in polar fleece. It should keep him nice and warm while taking the boy trick or treating.


BlueMule said...

I love this thing. I need to get some black for my hair and perhaps something to pale my skin a bit. I must look the part. Except that I'll die before I shave off the beard.


Quartermaster said...

I have some white grease makeup that should cover up your facial hair pretty good. It will still look fuzzy, but better than nothing. Don't worry, it comes off pretty easily with soap and water, though you may have to shampoo your beard to get it all out of t he hair.

Kathy said...


I found this page by doing an image search for Manos. You did a really great job on the costume! Would you be interested in helping out a fellow Manos fan by making another one? I would be ever so appreciative!

Please find me on email or comment back here and we can discuss further. I use google email with the handle KatsHats. Really hoping you reply. :)


Quartermaster said...

Hi, Kathy! I would be happy to give you a hand, as it were, with a Manos robe. Are you looking for instructions or a straight commission. Full disclosure - I'm a hobby costumer, so it won't be professional quality, but I still do a bang up job. Manos will be served!

Kathy said...


Sooo glad you replied! I have been intending to make myself a Manos costume for AT LEAST 6 years and never seem to get around to it. At this point, I'm happy to do a straight commission. Understood about the hobby quality - but really your photo speaks volumes about what you can do. do you want to proceed? I am hesitant to post my phone number on the internet...but you have my email address per my previous post, maybe we can chat more over email?


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